The birds have won!

Communication from Air Chief Marshal Seagull,Seagull - (C) David Heys

This is a great day.

Over many long years we have been struggling against the humans and their aircraft filling our airspace and at last our efforts have paid off. Yesterday, at 1200 hours, the humans admitted defeat and grounded all planes over the United Kingdom.

Long may this continue now that we have, at last, regained our air superiority and are again masters of the sky!

ACM Seagull

James Cameron’s Avatar

I’m looking forward to AvatarJames Cameron‘s latest feature film since Titanic and which débuts on the 17th December.

I’m particularly interested to see how special effects and motion capture have moved on since ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within‘ and Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Will this be the start of a new season in cinema once the new effects become available to other film makers? Who else can afford the costs involved?

I’m also interested to see if the story matches the incredible cinematics. From what I’ve read so far, it’s a tale of adoption, redemption and salvation, mingled with violence and love.

NextGEN Gallery Border

If you use the NextGEN plugin and want to have a border (or frame) around it, I have found that the following code seems to work well:

<div style=”border: 12px solid black; width: 600px; height: 450px;”>[ slideshow id=2 ]</div>

(Note: In the example above I have put an extra space after the opening and before the closing square brackets to stop NextGEN from actually showing the slideshow in this post)

To get this to work for me, I also have the Slideshow settings in NextGEN set to 600 x 450 and ‘Stretch Image’ set to False.

The Dyson AirBlade

We have had Dyson AirBlade hand dryers installed at work recently.

I had only use an AirBlade once before at the Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station on the Lizard peninsula and was impressed with its effectiveness.

They’re a very noisy hand dryer, but as you tend to only use it for around 10 seconds it’s not too bad. One thing I don’t like about it is that there is nowhere for the water from your hands to go except onto the floor (it falls to the base of the dryer then down either side). After an hour or so, the floor under the dryer has developed a small puddle.

However, they are effective and you always feel like your hands are very clean and dry when you’re finished.

Podcasting – Creating the feed

Every podcast needs an RSS feed that describes the podcast and its ‘enclosures’ (audio or video files). The feed is actually just a simple file in XML format, but this can be quite difficult to edit and set up and will require someone with specialist knowledge or a software tool to do this easily.

Thankfully, there is an easier way to create a feed.
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Podcasting – Source Data

Each service at Lansdowne, we record the following:

  • The audio of the message on cassette tape x 2 (for disaster recovery)
  • The message on CD via an audio CD recorder
  • The whole service video (and audio) on DVD via a DVD recorder
  • The whole service video (and audio) on Super VHS tape (for disaster recovery)

We used to rip the CD as the main audio source, and if you’re interested in producing just an audio podcast Continue reading