Entanglement and an Infinite Universe

It is said that if the universe is infinite, then there must be an infinite number of universes; each one different from the other.¬†If that’s true, then somewhere there’s a universe where earphones never become tangled when removed from your pocket.

It’s clearly not this universe!

Although man has achieved many incredible and varied feats, the humble earphone taunts him daily with more incredible and inventive ways of transforming itself from ‘carefully coiled’ to ‘jumbled mass’ within milliseconds.

Recently I came across this article that suggested using a simple vinyl name badge clip to hold the earphones and so I tried it out (minus the metal clip which just got in the way). I have to say that the result has been surprisingly successful.

Nicely wrapped earphones

So far this week I’ve no longer had to undergo a hideous ‘Disentanglement¬†puzzle‘ before listening to music or watching a video on my Sansa Fuze.

It’s like living in another universe.