Black Franke Kitchen Sink

When we were having our new kitchen designed we found very few places on the Internet where we could see an oak kitchen with dark worktop and a black sink. So I’ve decided to post my photos here, in case it helps other make a decision.

We are very pleased with our choice of a Franke Mythos Fragranite Graphite MGT 651-100 (click images for larger view):

View of Oak kitchen with black Franke sink

Oak kitchen with black Franke sink

Close up of black Franke sink

Close up of black Franke sink

The whole kitchen, with black sink

The whole kitchen

3 thoughts on “Black Franke Kitchen Sink

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    1. Admin Post author

      We make sure that we always dry the sink when we’re finished with it for the night and this keeps any standing water from drying and so does not leave any water marks.

      In addition, we use ‘Method Daily Granite & Marble Spray 354ml’ cleaner (see here: which we buy from Tesco. This seems to work well and conditions the sink nicely.

      We’ve had the sink since Christmas 2009 and so far, no hard limescale.

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