A couple of great free Android apps I’ve started using

I have recently stared using a couple of very useful android apps. Specifically, BubbleUPnP and HP ePrint.

Bubble enables me to stream media from my Windows 7 computer to my Nexus 7 and visa versa. I can, for example, find a photo in my Nexus gallery and ‘send’ it to my PC monitor screen. Conversely, I can browse the library of files on my PC and view/play them on the Nexus. This is handy for listening to music from the files stored on the PC.

HP ePrint provides a way to connect to HP printers from your Android device. I wondered how I would have to configure the software to find my wireless printer, but I didn’t have to… no sooner had I installed it then it automatically located the printer and now I can send documents to it directly.

Two apps, both installed today and both providing exactly what I wanted – and both free. Love it!