My name is David Heys. I work as a software team leader and enjoy photography and media. I am Service Delivery leader at my local church where we webcast the services each week as well as preparing the podcast and online videos.

I hope you will take time to look through the various sections of my site.

The Photography page showcases some of my photographs. I’m a keen photographer and love the chance to get out with my Canon 400D whenever I can make the time. I’m always interested in improving my skills and would love to receive any comments. There are comment forms throughout the site and you can contact me directly via the Contact page or even Google+.

The Blog is where I keep notes and write useful tips and comments of my own. I have written here about how to set up podcasting and webcasting, with details of the equipment and processes involved. Hopefully some of you will find this useful. Again, please leave any questions via the comment form and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are MY OWN and are not necessarily those of my employer, partners, customers, friends, or family. ALL content presented AS-IS, for entertainment purposes only with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY expressed or implied.