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Video Streaming talk from CNMAC13

I was one of the break-out speakers at the Christian New Media Awards and Conference this year. Here are the slides and notes from my talk on “Video Streaming – What you need to know”.

2013-11-11 17_54_44-CNMAC13-DNHEYS.pdf - Adobe Reader

PDF slideshow

The notes on the digital equipment slide (#20) have a link to a really useful YouTube video of how to set up and use the BMD ATEM system.

You can now also listen to my talk as it was recorded and has been made publicly available. Thank you to all who came to my talk – you were a great encouragement.

Holy Week?!

audio deskThis week has become one of the busiest so far this year in regard to audio requirements at church.

We have a wedding to support on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so there’s a wedding band practice on Wednesday. They have unique requirements: four singers for the wedding songs (we have enough mic points for that) and the usual drums/keyboard/guitar/bass. However, they also need a duet – the opposite site of the stage on grand piano. The piano is easy to mic, but two mics from the band will have to be used (so some long leads needed). They’ll also need foldback – which is currently in short supply due to aging monitors and only half the AUX channels working.

Good Friday will be ‘normal’ church format so I’ll have to place back the kit temporarily for that.

Saturday will be the wedding for real – so moving the kit back into wedding configuration in time for the band to arrive and do some final sound checks and practice/warm up.

Then it’s all change again for Easter Sunday morning when we have a 16 piece children’s choir on centre stage – many of whom are a little shy of singing.

Did I mention that it’s my son’s 21st birthday on Saturday too? Oh, and the clocks go forward an hour on Sunday so we get one hour less in bed and some people will turn up to church late.

I hope that I’ll get a chance to reflect on the importance of this week in the Christian calendar and not have it get lost in all the crazy madness! I think I’ll be looking forward to a rest on Monday morning.

Podcasting – Creating the feed

Every podcast needs an RSS feed that describes the podcast and its ‘enclosures’ (audio or video files). The feed is actually just a simple file in XML format, but this can be quite difficult to edit and set up and will require someone with specialist knowledge or a software tool to do this easily.

Thankfully, there is an easier way to create a feed.
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Podcasting – Source Data

Each service at Lansdowne, we record the following:

  • The audio of the message on cassette tape x 2 (for disaster recovery)
  • The message on CD via an audio CD recorder
  • The whole service video (and audio) on DVD via a DVD recorder
  • The whole service video (and audio) on Super VHS tape (for disaster recovery)

We used to rip the CD as the main audio source, and if you’re interested in producing just an audio podcast Continue reading

Webcasting Introduction

I am involved in webcasting the live services each weekend from my church: Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth, England.

The good news is that you can do most of this for free, assuming you have the necessary internet connection and hardware. There should be no ongoing costs.

We have a three camera setup, a feed from the data projection PC and live subtitling for song words and captions. Typically, each Sunday, there will be a team of six people involved.
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