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The run up to Christmas 2012

Not long now

The time between September and the new year can be one of the busiest periods in a churches calendar.

At Lansdowne, many new students have arrived in Bournemouth and the second and third year students have returned from summer break. Plans are under way for Christmas and two of our recent series have just come to an end.

We will have our women’s conference in just a few days time and all the final arrangements of badges, Power Point templates, slideshows for the refreshment rooms and background music are being made. I’ll be involved technically on the day – either with audio production and/or set up of the rooms before breaks (slideshow notices etc.).

There are quite a few things to get ready in a short space of time!

Following the conference, all concentration will be on the Christmas carol services and how we make guests feel welcome – especially those who are first-timers.

Things on my mind at the moment…

  • Christmas cards/Easter cards – Can we make these invitations?
  • Helper badges – For greeters and Info-point personel
  • Info point – We need to simplify registration/follow-up process
  • Media Ministry presentation in December at Explore Stream

I’m encouraged by Acts 20:27 – “for I didn’t shrink from declaring all that God wants you to know.” (NLT)