Website redesign 2013

We’re redesigning the LBC website for 2013.

The existing site is now two years old and is starting to show it’s age. Also, as more people access the site via tablets and mobile phones, we need a responsive design template to make things consistent and simple to maintain.

Last week we had a kick-off meeting to discuss the process and time-scales and this week we met to consolidate the existing content. We needed to rationalise the site navigation which had grown organically over previous designs and had become a bit haphazard.

LBC Proposed vs. Current Site Map

The image above shows the current site map (on the right) and an initial proposal for the new site (on the left). One of the aims was to reduce the number of navigational options that are present on every page. The current site has many and we were looking at creating a pyramid style of navigation where more detail is held the further you travel down the navigation.

A cleaner ‘new-site’ proposal was the outcome of this week’s meeting:

Proposed Sitemap

Our web developer volunteer (Luke) is now working on wire-frame layouts for the major page types.

What about you?
What have you found works well for navigating your churches website?
Do you need to reconsider your site to make it responsive for the increasing number of mobile users?

Please leave your comments.