Media Equipment Set Up

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This is the set up in Lansdowne’s media room.

[Note: We’ve had a reorganise in the media room so this post is a little out of date regarding the connections – however, the equipment is still pretty much the same. I’ll do an updated post soon]

Video Inputs

We have three composite video feeds into the video mixer (via their own B/W monitors): 2 x camera feeds (we use Sony DCR-VX2000E and DSR-PD170P cams) and 1 x DP feed (data projection feed as used in the church to project song words and videos).

Video Mixer

The video mixer (Edirol V-4) is used to transition between the various inputs. We’re only using three out of the possible four, so have some room for growth.

Subtitle Overlay

The overlay device (CorioGen Eclipse) takes a S-Video feed from the Edirol V-4 and returns this directly to a DVD Recorder that is used to master DVDs of the whole service and create an RF feed to relay audio and video of the service to various locations around the premises. In addition, it also outputs a composite feed that is the main video input into the AV Distribution box (see below).

A PC running SongPro is used to generate the required subtitles (connected to the CorioGen via VGA).

AV Distribution

Audio/Video distribution is handled by a Kramer VM-10AN that takes a composite video and line-level stereo input and provides 10 outputs. This is used to distribute AV to the main recording equipment, overflow lounge projector and the live webcast PC.

Audio Inputs

We have three main audio inputs: 1 x PA desk feed (from the AUX out of the main mixer desk in the church), 2 x congregation mics (fitted under the main balconies, one on each side). These pass through an audio mixing desk and via a simple distribution box to the various audio recording devices.

CD Recorder

We record live via a CD recorder and create a single disc containing the morning and evening services (message only). These are copied via a 1 x master, 3 x copies CD duplicator.

Tape Recorders

In addition to the CD, we also record two cassette tapes of the message. These are used to create multiple copies as required via the two 1 x master, 3 x copies tape copiers.

One tape deck is used to create an audio feed for the webcast PC (via the “headphones” output) to the PC’s MIC input. We may change this to take an audio feed from the Kramer AV distribution box.

Webcast PC

The webcast PC takes the audio feed from Tape Deck #3, the video feed from the Kramer AV distribution box, via a simple SCART (ugh!) video switch that allows us to choose between the church feed and a “Graphics” PC that shows a slideshow prior to the start of the service. This PC is also used to show the credits at the end of each service. Ideally, we’d like to have a better video mix between the Graphics PC and the AV church feed. We use a simple VGA to Composite Video converter for the Graphics PC input into the video switch.


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